“Honest, individualized care. Each pet is different,
so why should care be the same?” – Dr. Casey Davis

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Welcome to Old Webster
Animal Hospital

Our clinic is currently under construction.
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Exceptional Veterinary Services

It is our mission to treat each pet as if they are a member of our own family. We practice respect, courtesy, empathy and responsibility on a daily basis. It is these characteristics that set us apart from other clinics as we want your entire experience with Old Webster Animal Hospital to be beneficial to you and your pet. Learn more about the exceptional services that we have to offer.

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Client Education Articles

 Browse through helpful articles written by veterinarians to learn more about different breeds, conditions and everyday topics related to pets.

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It’s quick and easy to get the medication you need for your pet online. Simply login to your pet’s profile, review your pet’s prescription, and order.

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Pet Health Checker

Not sure if your pet’s symptoms are serious? Use our pet health checker tool to find out if your cat or dog needs immediate care, or what you can do to help.

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